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Ens. Ennis pinning my Aircrew Wings June 1998. One of our escorts coming alongside for UNREP -Feb 1968 Pacific Ocean. The USS Taussig (DD-746), an Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer, was named for Edward D. Taussig, a Rear Admiral of the United States Navy whose career spanned over 50 years. The ship was laid down on 30 August 1943 at Staten Island, New York, by the Bethlehem Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.; launched on 25 January 1944; sponsored by Miss Ellen M. Taussig; and commissioned at the New York Navy Yard on 20 May 1944, Commander Joseph A. Robbins in command.

A typical grey day of Korean Coast  Feb. 1968.
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An email from Tom Keen,...
"I know nothing about its history--I picked it up in an auction in Denver a few years ago. I wish I knew more about it--maybe someone from that period will see it and it will stir a few memories. Best of luck. Tom "

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Sunday Sept 19, 1999 entry by Radek Vondracek
Friday Nov 19, 1999 entry by Walter Ellis

Also WAS THERE REALLY A TOKYO ROSE ? More details than you probally want to know at http://www.earthstation1.com/Tokyo_Rose.html
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Submitted for your approval by Jake's 'Yankee Station'
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CV10 ashtray
Really Cool...
Contact Jim below if you have any info on this Bad Boy
I recently found a cast aluminum ashtray in the shape of a carrier (the ash area corresponds with the flight deck) and about 10.5" x 1.5" x 1.5" to the top of the island. It's marked USS YORKTOWN CVA-10 on the top opposite the island and has the initials FZ (I think) roughly etched in the island side.
I found it very interesting and would appreciate any info you may have on it. Jim Kohl jkohl.bna@bundy.com

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My Dad served aboard the USS Independence CVL-22 aircraft carrier in WW2 from July 1943 until the war ended. His name was George Leedecke. His rank was S1\C and I know at one point he was a gunners mate on a 40mm gun mount. He recieved the American Theatre Medal,the Asiatic-Pacific Medal(9 battle stars),the Philippine Liberation Medal(2 stars) and the Victory Medal while serving on the Independence. This picture came from his Navy scrapbook he put together while he was on the Independence. - Paul Leedecke

Brian Velasquez sent this in with the following message:
"My father served aboard the Yorktown from '64-'67. I recently ran across a nice photo of the Lady that he has and I would like to submit it to your site.
My father's name is John L. Velasquez, Electrician's Mate.
email: JVelasquez@SLVREC.com
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See VF-88 Hangar Page
My family and I recently visited Charleston this last weekend when Idiscovered that the Yorktown was made into a museum. It was such an honorto visit Patriots Point. When touring the Yorktown I remembered that mygrandfather was stationed aboard in the final closing dates of World War II.

From what history I gathered to date, he served in VF-88 which reportedaboard in April or June of 1945. I have a few photos which I copied from myaunt was has a larger collection of his papers, in particular photos ofrespelling POW's in Japan after the Sept. 12th Surrender. Of the photos thatI copied, I scanned this one of the entire Air group 88 wing on board theship after 6/16/1945? ( i got this date from the stenciled marking on theback wall, above the planes shot down on left). My grandfather, Lt. TomBloski , USNR, is in the second from top row, 7th from the right. He waskilled in on OCt. 27 . 1955 in a helicopter accident on NAS New Orleans inLA..

The other photos I have are Him standing around with other smaller groupsof squadron mates huddled around F6F hellcats.
Mike Bloski
mbloski@pcsonline.com or mikebloski@hotmail.com

I have several photos of the 3 photographers on the Yorktown during WWII. My grandfather was one of the them. [he is the one on the far right]
I inherited the photos earlier this year when he passed away. His name was Francis G Engelhardt and he always spoke of fond memories of his time on the Lucky Y.
Chad Smith

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