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of the

Listed below are the squadrons that were
attached to Yorktown when I was aboard.
If you were in a squadron send the info
and it will be added to the list. If you're really ambitious...
some images and copy and I'll put up a
web page for your squadron.

Visit the VS-23 page / VS-25 Page

Squadron/Type Aircraft CO Call Deployment[s]
VS-23/ASW Grumman S-2 Cdr Ruby/Cdr Hubbs/Cdr Colenda* World Famous Black Cats WESTPAC 1967-68
VS-25/ASW Grumman S-2 Cdr. Colenda/ Cdr Zoehrer* CELERITAS ET QUIETAS WESTPAC 1967-68
HS-4/ASW H-3 
Sea King
Cdr. Ewy Black Knights WESTPAC 1967-68
VAW-111/AEW-ASW Grumman E1-B DET-10 Sea Bats WESTPAC 1967-68
    *Cdr Hubbs assumed Command of VS-23 2 weeks into the deployment. Cdr Colenda assumed Command of VS-23 when Cdr Hubbs was lost at sea.
Cdr.Zoehrer assumed the VS-25 Command when Cdr.Colenda moved to VS-23