We Will NEVER Forget Our Fallen Shipmates!

Date Notes
Donald R. Hubbs, CDR
03/17/68 MIA Vietnam
The Patriots Point S-2E Tracker (Bureau number 151657) is dedicated to the memory of Commander Donald R. Hubbs, CO of VS-23, and his crew of LTJG Lee D. Benson, AX2 Randall Nightingale and ADRAN Thomas D. Barber who were lost off Vietnam on 17 March 1968 operating from USS YORKTOWN (CV-10).
See Patriots Point
Lee D. Benson, LTJG
03/17/68 MIA Vietnam
See Patriots Point
Randall Nightingale, AX2
03/17/68 MIA Vietnam
See Patriots Point
Thomas D. Barber, ADRAN
03/17/68 MIA Vietnam
See Patriots Point
Donald J. Stebbins, LCDR
January 1968 Perished in crash landing at Barking Sands, Kaui after mid-air collision over Yorktown.
James I Pratt, AX1
February 1965 1st Class Pratt was with Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 4. Perished with two other crew in a crash at sea.
Thomas D. Vincent, LT.
February 1965 Lt. Vincent was with Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron 4. Perished with two other crew in a crash at sea.
Charles K. Moran, LT.
February 1965 Lt. Moran was with Helicopter Antisubmarine
Squadron 4. Perished with two other crew in a crash at sea.
CDR William Arnold Gatlin,
Commanding Officer, HS-4
1962-1963 Lost during the WestPac Cruise of 1962-1963. Believed to have crashed in Manila Bay on a routine hop from NAS Sangley Point.
LT(jg) Myrel Leroy Maxson, HS-4
1962-1963 Lost during the WestPac Cruise of 1962-1963. Believed to have crashed in Manila Bay on a routine hop from NAS Sangley Point.
Patrick J. Kerrigan,Sr.,AT2
December 11th,1958 A four man crew launched from the Yorktown
shortly before midnight on a submarine reconaissance mission in an S2F Grumman Tracker. The plane was lost at sea,Patrick J. Kerrigan,Sr.,AT2,USN,the pilot Virgil Scott, and the Photographer/Technician Leslie presumed to be missing at sea, and after a three day search, were presumed dead. Only the Co-Pilot survived (Roger Morgan) clinging to a piece of wreckage from the wing of the plane. Any information regarding this event,or if any one knew them or remembers them, I would appreciate a contact. .Dr.Patrick Kerrigan
John T. Battaile, Ensign, USNR
May 9, 1945 Ensign Battaile was fatally wounded from a returning TBM 50-cal guns that discharged while wings were being folded. He was buried at sea the next day.
Maurice D. Springer, Ensign, USNR
July 15, 1945 Served aboard the Yorktown in World War II as a member of VBF-88, a fighter-bomber squadron flying the F4U Corsair. He was reported MIA July 15, 1945 after a mission against Otaru Harbor, Hokkaido, Japan. Photos & Documents
Edward B. Pierce
January 1945 Died on January 30, 1945, in the South Pacific while on board the Yorktown and was buried on the island of Ullithie, an atoll in the Pacific, until the hostilities ceased, and in 1949, his body was brought to rest to the National Cemetary in Mobile, Alabama. Family is requesting any information available.. Can you help?
Frank F. Frazier, Lt. USNR
ME. H. Weeks, AMM1c USN
M. J. Dain, ADM1c USN
January 9, 1945 Hit in right stub wing Down at sea off Sancho Point Chilung, Formosa POW - Day before peace in the Pacific was made. All Decapitated by Japanese August 14, 1945
Harold C. Skinner, Lt. USNR
M. G. Skidmore, ARM1c USNR
W. F. Garner, Jr. ARM 1c USNR
January 12, 1945 Lost a wing at 2000 ft. Last seen spinning into cloud cover Over Saigon French Indo China Found plane with occupants in it when dredging Saigon River 1947 - Bodies in seats returned to US and buried in Military Cemetery St. Louis
Lt. Edward Gage, USNR
January 3, 1945 Navy Pilot attached to the USS Yorktown
Killed in action World War II - Buried at the Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Francisco, California
Henry Robert Dozier , CDR
November 5, 1944 Left USS Yorktown CV-10 on route to Carrier Division 26. While on route on another aircraft carrier, during lights out, fell off the elevator into the water because the safety ropes were not put back.
Official service record. (in Acrobat PDF)
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Robert Clair VanNess, ENS-USNR
November 14,1944 On combat mission in the vicinity of the Philipine Islands on November 14,1944 when his plane was shot down while making a bombing and straffing attack against a Japanese convoy carrying fuel supplies. His plane was hit directly by anti-aircraft fire. The impact shattered the wing of his plane and it was seen to spin violently and crash into the sea. His squadron mates watched hopefully for some indication that Bob had escaped from the cockpit of his plane but there was none. His plane hit the water and sank immediately. His body was never found
Lt. Leonard E. Wood
AN Radioman Edward C. Donahue
GM Albert J . Sabol
PH Owen L. Smith
July 20, 1944 All four were lost over Guam July 20, 1944 in the same aircraft. Photographers Mate Smith might still be alive today if he had not wanted to" hitch a ride to see the action". According to still living pilot's and a hospital corpman the aircraft was totaly destroyed by an explosion. The navy told the mother of Edward C Donahue that all were recovered in the 1950's from Guam's Jungle. Submitted by -James J. Donohue cousin to Edward C. Donahue.
April 30, 1944
AMM1/c John J. Martin
AOM2/c Joseph Coppi
Amm3/c William J. Cody
Sea 1/c David S. Kasakow
Sea2/c Gilbert R. Howk
Buried at Sea
23 November 1943
4 USS Liscombe Bay Aircraft were directed to land aboard Yorktownthat were airborne when Liscombe Bay was torpedoed and sunk by a Jap sub.
The last of the aircraft was landing too far forward and too fast, The pilot pushed the throttle forward causing the plane to crash into the aircraft that were being fueled and rearmed, resulting in a tremendous fire that entrapped the 5 enlisted men that died.
Submitted by
Angelo Zammuto
{former Amm1/c V-2 div. plank owner}

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