This site is dedicated to the men & women that lived, served, survived or died while aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Yorktown. I had the honor and dubious distinction to be aboard on her last mission into harm's way. I am putting up this site as a bouy to mark her passage.

There is a wealth of information on the Internet about The Fighting Lady and I have borrowed liberally.[Any information I have "comshawed" from another site is duly noted and a link to the original is provided.] Sadly, most of the information on-line is about hardware and very little flesh and blood. The sailors are the heart and soul of any ship and to coin an old adage; All Good Sailors are on a Ship and All Good Ships are at Sea. Hopefully, this site will be more about the men than the machine. Therefore, any and all submissions are welcomed especially to the In Memoriam Page. Please submit images in .jpg or .gif format. Feel free to submit HTML information about a division or squadron you served in. I will make only necessary modifications to fit the format and credit you accordingly.

L.W. Futrell
AWA2, VS-23
WESPAC 1967-68