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1962 Video of Long Beach Carrier/Quals
Information & photos on this page were provided by Allen Michler.

VS-891 was activated (brought into existence) at NAS Seattle (Sandpoint) in the late forties, early fifties. It or VS-892 was activated (brought onto active duty) for the Korean Conflict flying TBM's. in 1951-52.

VS-891 stayed at NAS Seattle until 1969 when flight operations were closed down and all Squadrons were moved to NAS Whidbey Island . VS-891 became VS 68T1 just before or after the move to NAS Whidbey. It was deactivated (taken out of existence) around 1973 and I believe most squadron members were moved into VP-69 either flying P2v's or P-3's.

I was in VS-891 from July 60 Nov 70 going from AR to ATN1 and transferring rates to AW when it opened up. I started in the AIRCATS Program. Six months active duty and 7 ½ years reserve time.

VS-891 was activated for the Berlin buildup on 01 Oct 1961 for a year. I made ATN3 shortly after going on active duty and had the good fortune to also be drawing flight pay.

Most of the pictures are from that time.

VS-891 Photo Files
- waiting for airplane Avionics Group VS-891 Barbers Point 6 NAS Barbers Aug 65 My Crew NAS Barbers Point Aug 1965 Arizona
- waiting for ai... Avionics Group V... Barbers Point 6.jpg NAS Barbers Aug ... NAS Barbers Poin...
NAS Barbers Point Aug 1965 helo pickup NAS Barbers Point Aug 1965 My Crew NAS Barbers Point Aug 1965 sub off Ohahu NAS Barbers Point Aug 65 Diamond Head NAS Barbers Point Aug 65 Sitting with Arizona Anchor
NAS Barbers Poin... NAS Barbers Poin... NAS Barbers Poin... NAS Barbers Poin... NAS Barbers Poin...
NAS Seattle (Sandpoint) Aug 1965 Boarding C130 NAS Seattle (Sandpoint)Aug 1965 Boarding C130 NAS Seattle 60s AD5N Skyraider NAS Seattle(Sandpoint) My Crew S@F wing fold mechanism
NAS Seattle (San... NAS Seattle (San... NAS Seattle 60s ... NAS Seattle(Sand... S@F wing fold me...
S2F Carrier Quals - Yorktown0001 S2F on Yorktown S2F print 1 S2fs in formation 2 VS-891 activation day
S2F Carrier Qual... S2F on Yorktown.jpg S2F print 1.jpg S2fs in formatio... VS-891 activatio...
VS-891 Activation Program 02 Oct 61 VS-891 Activation Program 02 Oct 61 (2) VS-891 Admiral's Inspection 1962 My crew in flight suits VS-891 avionics VS-891 Awards Ceremony Kelly Bomengen Tanska Riley
VS-891 Activatio... VS-891 Activatio... VS-891 Admiral's... VS-891 avionics.jpg VS-891 Awards Ce...
VS-891 Football Team VS-891 in front of S2F VS-891 over Diamond Head Aug 1965 VS-891 Pilots McLaughlan_ Moffit_ McLain VS-891 S2Fs over carrier 2
VS-891 Football ... VS-891 in front ... VS-891 over Diam... VS-891 Pilots Mc... VS-891 S2Fs over...

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