These images were scanned at 200dpi and saved at maxium resolution. They are as close to life sized as possible when view on a 17" monitor set at 800x600. Having said that...the actual patches look better!
Great for Caps, sweaters and display cases.

Truly a stunning patch. Excellent for flight jackets, leather coats. You can see this bad boy from across the room.

When you want people to know you served on the Fighting Lady and are proud of it.... this is the one for you!

Buy the COMBO. Put the 5"on a jacket and the 3" on a cap and erase any doubt about what you did in the military.

A Brief History of CVS-10
The many Divisions that put the Fight in the Lady...
The reason she sailed the Seven Seas.
Let your Shipmates know you were here...
Forget not our comrades that sail with The Fighting Lady...FOREVER.
Patches, Plaques, Memorabilia,and other assorted geedunk.
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